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Rich P, Portland OR 7/25/2015 -

These guys cut a mean head of hair, but it's the little extra touches that make it primo. The shaving products they use are great. I had my first straight razor shave today, which was a nice "bro" version of a facial. If there's a line, don't worry because they work fast. Remember to bring cash. Haircuts are $16 and shaves are $12.

Aez.A , Salem MA 1/22/2012 -

There is nothing worse than paying a lot for a mediocre or, even worse, an embarrassing hair cut. This is especially true if it happens after you've moved away from a long time trusted barber to a new city.

I moved to Boston in the fall and have been trying out various barber shops, I've been left let down each time, (this includes at Blade, where they seem to only know how to do one style and still managed to leave me with uneven sideburns) 

At Fircano, for $16 I got a great cut by a big time hockey fan... meaning the conversation was also awesome.
They usually have two guys working( Rich and Sal), They're really efficient so the line moves pretty quick. They don't take reservations but you can call and they're happy to tell you what the line sitch is like.

+ they've got a couple tv's turned onto espn and a great selection of magazines. Oh + complimentary (I think) coffee.

-note, it's cash only here and they also do hot shaves. 

Gustavo D, Boston MA 1/23/2013 -

Best barber in Boston. Period!
Rick is as professional as it gets, with so much attention to detail. Every time I go they do a perfect haircut. Prices are perfect as well.
I've been going there for the past six years and I'm still impressed every time I go.
The place is very old fashioned. TVs showing ESPN all the time. And Rick doesn't like to talk very much about anything else that is not football.

In general the place is the best barber shop in Boston.

ps. Cash Only

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