Pro Tip Of The Month
                      " GETTING A GREAT SHAVE AT HOME "

Not everybody has the time  to get to the barbershop  every time they need to shave so here are  some pointers on how to get a great shave right at home!
Prep, prep, prep!  Make sure you moisten and soften those whiskers as much as you can.  Shaving right out of the shower is best!  If thats's not possible simply rub your face with a very warm face towel for about a minute.  Applying a pre-shave oil or cream will really help by putting a barrier between the razor and your skin. Now it's time to lather up!  Use circular motions to lift hairs up instead of slathering it on and matting the hairs down.  This will cause you to use  less strokes and that means less irritation.  When shaving always go with the grain to avoid ingrown hairs, never go against.  Better to shave more frequently and have good skin than to deal with those troublesome in-growns.  Now splash some cold water on your face to tighten the pores back up and lastly always use an aftershave lotion or balm to keep your skin moisturized.  Alcohol based products will dry you out.
Hope this helps!