Signature Shave
At Firicano's we are excited to be using " PRORASO " as our shave line. You will personally now be able to choose from 5 different shave foams and select the best one suited for your skin type as we try to bring a little bit of Italy to Boston's "Little Italy". We will be using our 7 step process in hopes of giving you the best shave experience we can!

Step 1 - A pre-shave cream to soften the skin

Step 2 - Hot towel to soften the facial hair

Step 3 - Shaving foam of your choice

Step 4 - Shave 

Step 5 - Cool towel to close the pores

Step 6 - Aftershave Balm to sooth the skin

Step 7 - A dusting of shaving talc to leave you feeling refreshed

** At an additional cost we can start the process by using a facial scrub to help exfoliate, clean and prep your skin for your shaving experience! **


GREEN   -  For all skin types, notes of eucalyptus & menthol

WHITE   - For sensitive skin, extracts of green tea & oatmeal, notes of lime

RED        - For thick, coarse beards with shea butter, notes of sandalwood

BLUE      - For protecting & moisturising with aloe vera & vitamin E, notes of amber

YELLOW - For dry skin with cocoa butter & macadamia oil, notes of vanilla